That’s right. A pool. A rooftop pool with a beautiful view of the hills and the Hollywood sign. It’s nice.

Also, after a long time of bummer day jobs in NYC (the people always saved me though) I decided to take classes, freelance write, and up my game. I realized I want to write and create for a living. I finally just got a full-time writing job in LA that I think I’ll really enjoy. I will be creating content on social media platforms for TV shows/movies at VaynerMedia. Yes, I will still be working on comedy (both at my job and outside of work).  Yes, traffic blows. But the weather is unreal and the sun makes everything okay. Thanks to everyone who helped make this change in my life happen.

But seriously, come visit and hang out with us at our pool.


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I’m with Her. I’m ‘Bernin for HILLARY. Stop trying to change my mind.

Here is the thing: if you like Bernie Sanders, that’s great. But stop trying to change my mind about Hillary Clinton. You are better off targeting someone who does not feel passionately either way or is easily swayed by other people’s opinions because they do not have opinions of their own.

I am so sick of people (mostly male) attacking my Facebook with their annoying Sanders opinions. Why do people feel the need to blast all over MY Facebook their views? I understand that feeling passionately and providing my opinions publicly may invite some type of retort, but mostly it is just a freedom of expression. So, fuck off. Masturbate on your own Facebook. I feel like Hillary has been publicly bashed (as a lot of women are in media), so I would like to publicly support her. Cool? Cool. Sanders has stated that he would select Elizabeth Warren as his running mate if he were elected. I find this interesting because Warren does not even want to run for office. I think it’s brilliant for Bernie Sanders’ campaign to market that way though to get more female voters. Market? Strategy? IS BERNIE PLAYING THE GAME, TOO? NOOOO…he’s just our friendly, progressive Grandpa! Of course he is. It’s politics; get over it. Take all your “facts,” statistics, and random media propaganda and shove it deep inside your corn hole. You feel proud because you browsed some Facebook articles when you were taking a dump one day and formed an opinion– Congrats. At least you aren’t voting for Trump. But if I were Hillary? I’d keep my friends close but my enemies closer. She is a political shark that knows the ins and outs of politics. I believe she will use her relationship with Republicans to benefit her personal democratic agenda. I like Obama’s progress and think Hillary will continue it. I like her opinions, beliefs, and the fact that she stands as an icon for a future generation of women.

I don’t expect all men to understand what Hillary running for president means to women because they don’t know what living life as a woman is like. “Oh GOD, this again?” YES. This. Hillary has a vagina. A fairly old vagina that has probably seen a lot of shit. Literally and figuratively. She gets it. “Just ‘cause she’s a woman doesn’t mean she is best for women’s rights!” That’s bullshit. Hillary has the emotional, mental, and medical experiences of being a female. She fucking knows. Plus, she is a liberal politician, not a nut job like Sarah Palin. Just like how I don’t know what it’s like being black, gay, or still a Nickelback/Creed fan, there is no way men will fully understand what it means to be a woman or what it would mean to have a female president. I never will know what it is like to live a day as a black woman. So when black women talk about experiences, I listen. And if I can’t relate, I shut the fuck up. I certainly don’t continue attacking or trying to prove a point based in naivety. The only time I truly get offended is if black people feel ignored by liberal white people. That makes me sick. So I want to be informed as to how to prevent them from feeling that way. I don’t expect to change a racist white person’s mind with this information, but I plan to help educate other progressive white people on why some black people feel ignored or less valued. That is an awful feeling.

My point is: if you don’t get it, shut it. Nope. Nada. Zip it. Listen, for once. And don’t pretend like you do get it. That’s the worst. I like Bernie. I do. But I am 100% positively with Hillary– her policies, experience, and opinions. And to top it all off, if I have a daughter one day, I want her to see that anything is possible for her as a woman, even being the President of the United States of America. Literally.

*I would like to thank my father for encouraging my opinions, challenging them, and always making me feel important enough to express them. Not everybody has this.*


TWO SHOWS: One comedy show tonight & NYC Fringe Festival this month!

What are you doing TONIGHT and the rest of the month while we’re at it? Come catch some in- character karaoke tonight hosted by Ali Levin and myself:
STAND UP AND SING @ The People’s Improv Theatre 10pm 8/13 (Tonight!).
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THEN The NYC Fringe Festival play: Relateable:
FRIDAY August 14th at 5:00 PM
SUNDAY  August 16th at 7:30 PM
WEDNESDAY August 19th at 5:00 PM
SATURDAY August 22nd at 12:00 PM
WEDNESDAY August 26 at 7:00 PM
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Come support the arts and live comedy. And then get a drink with me afterwards.
Hope to see you there!

VProud.TV Contributions

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Check out VProud.TV, the website of which I happily contribute articles, videos, and conversations to.  “VProud is a video-driven conversation platform, built for women by women.  Our mission is to cultivate honest conversations among women in a safe and nonjudgmental environment.”

Here are links to my articles:

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